Professional Services

Mediazan is the first agency of its kind in the region to provide media, creative and communications services in the Kurdish market. The Mediazan team realises that Kurdistan is relatively unexplored in terms of branding, advertising, communications and public relations.


Hence, we tailor design our clients’ respective strategies and plans based on in-depth local market insight and knowledge. In harmony with its service offerings, Mediazan provides unrivalled local research capabilities to truly understand the target market and audiences.


Mediazan derives its energy from an international network of artists, media and communications professionals who have rich hands-on professional experience and deep-rooted understanding of the local market.


The Name

In Kurdish, “zan” is added to the end of a word, to create the professional adjective. Hence Mediazan as a name for the media master. The Kurdish Linguistic Academy has formally approved the word.

Mediazan is able to deliver solutions which are relevant and suitable across industries. The knowledge and experience of its team includes working on local, regional and international creative and communications projects.

By combining international best practice with clear awareness of the needs and requirements of the local market, Mediazan has become the partner of choice for many multi-national firms investing in the Kurdistan region. We enable our clients to create effective impact by communicating the right message to the most relevant audience.

Professional Skills

Mediazan’s team include senior editors and journalists with a rich international experience in the print industry.
Professional Skills
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