We approach branding through a rigorous process of defining, developing and designing unique messages, logos and slogans that are memorable and relevant to the local culture and language. 


Our successful track record in local branding rests with our diverse team which consists of artists, researchers, linguists, designers, producers, journalists, business developers and marketing specialists.


Based on the research findings, the Mediazan team offers the following:


  1. Development of brand concept, naming, taglines and slogans
  2. Logo design and identity
  3. Company branding, corporate identity and collaterals
  4. Signage, large scale ads, environmental design
  5. Online campaign (website, social media, infographics, article placement)
  6. Print campaign / TV spots / radio spots/ billboard and digital signage placement
  7. Product branding
  8. Brand promotions and loyalty creation.

Professional Skills

Mediazan’s team include senior editors and journalists with a rich international experience in the print industry.
Professional Skills
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