We believe that international branding in Iraq and Kurdistan is lost in translation, hence we pay particular attention to copywriting. In short we Kurdicize and Iraqicize copy.


Over 10 languages are spoken in Mediazan. As language specialists, we offer a wealth of copywriting expertise. Our services include tone of voice development, brand positioning, copywriter training, corporate reporting, digital copy and content strategy.


Mediazan’s copywriters think in all the languages they know and write in Kurdish and Arabic. Hence, they can get under the skin of the brand and truly understand the local audience. 


Their copy is sharp, compelling, clear and memorable.


We can also work directly with the client to devise key messaging, create new content through workshops and conduct interviews to elicit key information and understand written communications needs.


We can also revise and refine existing material, polish words and tighten phrases to really bring a copy to life. 

Professional Skills

Mediazan’s team include senior editors and journalists with a rich international experience in the print industry.
Professional Skills
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