Digital Communications

The digital universe is the new marketplace. People, products and services are evaluated, policy is shaped, shareholders’ voices are heard, and marketplace battles are won or lost.

Mediazan’s strategy is to ensure that a client’s digital presence is as deep and expansive as possible. The exponentially increasing degree of access to digital media in Kurdistan and Iraq means the digital presence of our clients helps its brand, reputation, and market share.


Mediazan can influence the conversations that impact brands, public policy goals, and value propositions. We understand that good digital communications ensures that our clients’ messages are found amidst the clutter of the vast digital landscape. This is done through fostering lasting relationships between our clients and their customers, constituents, and stakeholders. Mediazan helps control the narrative in the social and digital media that drive decision making today. All of this is done through an integrated approach that encapsulates all forms of media into one strategy.