Communications and Promotion Strategy

Being uniquely placed in understanding the Kurdish and Iraqi audience their culture, their language and society,

Digital Communications

The digital universe is the new marketplace. People, products and services are evaluated, policy is shaped, shareholders’ voices are heard, and marketplace battles are won or lost.

Internal Communications

For an organisation to successfully communicate with its audiences outside, it must ensure there is a framework in place for effective internal communications.

Crisis and issues management

The Mediazans are experienced media and communications advisors who have extensive experience in dealing with the media as both journalists and public speakers.

Media Analysis

We have dedicated personnel undertaking extensive monitoring of client and industry related news and activity in conjunction with our research team.


We approach branding through a rigorous process of defining, developing and designing unique messages, logos and slogans that are memorable and relevant to the local culture and language.

Audio/Visual and Print Production

Mediazan provides executive management and supervision of production projects for local and international clients. Mediazan can produce top quality TV programs ranging from short spots to full-length TV shows.


We believe that international branding in Iraq and Kurdistan is lost in translation, hence we pay particular attention to copywriting. In short we Kurdicize and Iraqicize copy.

Media training

Mediazan’s team have been on both sides of the fence and can provide trainings on how to get the best out of any media appearance.